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    A Professional Video of How You Want to be Remembered

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    What could be more stressful than losing a loved one and having to scramble to create a boring slideshow with inappropriate music? You've been to Memorial Services like that and vowed to never have it happen to you.


    Here's your opportunity to "star" when that day finally comes (and none of us are going to avoid it).


    Whether it's sharing a Bible passage or just speaking from your heart of hearts, the message you leave on video to your loved ones and for generations to come will never look or sound better than if you create it NOW!


    We come to your location and professionally record your brief message and then add music, visuals and even special digital effects. The result is a Broadcast Quality DVD that is stored with your important documents such as your Living Trust, Insurance Policies and Will.


    The entire process is very pleasant and as your director, I will help you with the message and coach you through the presentation.


    But here's the challenge...it must be done NOW. Why? Because you never know what tomorrow will bring in terms of your health. It seems like everyday a family member shares a sad story of a parent who waited too long to create this Family Heirloom.


    Regina Victoria, Executive Director

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    We can meet in person, on the phone or using an amazing "Skype" like technology and even include your family or care-giver in the discussion.

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